5 Reasons to

 5 Reasons to 

Switch Your Morning Espresso to Woken


Best-Tasting Espresso Pods

Ever try to make your favorite espresso drink at home? We all have, and it's not the same. That's why we crafted the best-tasting, PREMIUMespresso pods with 8 different flavors. Now, you can get your favorite daily roast at home.


Works With Nespresso Original Line

Woken Home Compostable Pods work with Nespresso Original Line Machines. Plus, you can compost them right from your home. No need to worry about upgrading your coffee maker, or carrying your recyclables to a facility! Woken pods make helping the environment every day, easy.


Globally Sourced Flavors

Our pods are filled with wonderful blends varying in intensity. Woken coffee beans are sourced for sustainability and flavor. They are harvested all over the world, from South America to India, and are roasted and ground lovingly in Italy. 


100% biodegradable

29,000 plastic and aluminum pods go to landfill every minute, and live for hundreds of years! Your espresso pods are outliving you! So we've created earth-friendly, biodegradable espresso pods to help reduce waste. It’s a little thing, but in only 27 days woken pods will biodegrade!


Daily Coffee for $0.60

When you subscribe to Woken, you'll have the pods delivered to your doorstep as soon as you run out. Plus, you'll save! Your daily coffee will be discounted to just 60 cents a cup. That's a lot cheaper than a normal coffee shop order! 

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