May 11, 2021 1 min read

We have exciting news to share! Woken's 100% Compostable Compatible Nespresso pods are now at Showfields Miami. We are so excited to show off our gorgeous booth and beautiful display. 

What is ShowFields?
Showfields, the most interesting store in the world, is a groundbreaking retail concept curated to drive discovery and inspiration through  mission driven and innovative brands and art, from all over the world, creating immersive storytelling in a forward thinking culture and experience hub"  

Our booth is part art, part product combining pop-up shops with art exhibitions, theatrical experiences, community events and food-drink hospitality. 



Why is Woken Coffee at ShowFields?
ShowFields is known for its pick of up and coming emerging brands. We are so honored to be part of their incredible repertoire and to join fellow brands such as inkbox, Each and Every and many many more. 

If you are in the Miami Area, go check it out and have a coffee on us!