Frequently Asked 


Why compostable pods?
We believe your espresso pods shouldn’t outlive you. Compostable pods break back down into organic materials we can all live with. We love our morning coffee and the little machines that make that perfect shot of espresso as much as anyone. 

What does compostable mean?
Compostable products turn into CO2, water, inorganic compounds and biomass in municipal composting facilities. Once you have used your pods, pop them in your compost brown box and have them picked up or send them to your municipal composting bin for collection. Many cities have composting programs and pickups. In 8-18 weeks, the waste from your home and office espresso pods return to Mother Earth. If composting is new to you, well, you need to get with the program anyway. All of us need to. Composting food waste and yard waste not only creates precious biomass to replenish soils, it also keeps unnecessary trash out of landfills that are busting at the seams. The city of San Francisco has already reduced the total amount of trash going into its landfills by one quarter through community composting, and is now envisioning 50%. If we all compost together, we can get there. Use to locate biocycle portals in the U.S.

What are our compostable pods made of? 
Our bio capsules are made of bioplastic called Terrablend which is trademarked. Terrablend have raw materials of at least 62% and the additives added to the bioplastic are also compostable and eco-friendly.

You might be asking yourself – what is bioplastic? Bioplastic is a substance made from organic biomass sources such as vegetable oils, cellulose and even starches

The bio capsules are produced using energy from wind, hydropower, sun and biogas. Thus conserving energy and resources at every step of the process. Not only are you using a capsule that is compostable but it has been made consciously.

We chose a European source because Europe has banned many pesticides and herbicides still used in the U.S. Plant-based compostable materials use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases to produce than aluminum or traditional plastic, are safer for humans, and better for the environment. They break down into non-toxic compounds in 8-18 weeks at a municipal composting facility. Our pods are certified compostable with a Vincotte/OK Compost stamp of approval and are compostable according DIN EN ISO 14855

What’s the shelf-life?
Our espresso pods stay fresh for 24 months—not forever. That’s because our pods have an oxygen seal that not only keeps the espresso fresh it also let's us  deliver Woken without extra packaging. So drink up. If you want monthly delivery of fresh espresso, sign up for our subscription program. Once you sign up, you can customize your order to get it just right, so you don’t run out.

Where can I learn more about composting?

So glad you asked! Here are some of our favorite resources:

What do I do with Woken’s boxes?
Please recycle our beautiful boxes. Just place them in the recycle bin. In the future, with your help, they may be compostable too! We’re still growing.


Which machines do Woken espresso pods fit in?
Woken compostable pods work with Nespresso® OriginalLine* machines including Delonghi C190, D290, Citiz, Essenza, Maestria, U, Le Cube, Inissia, Latissima Plus, Latissima Pro, Latissima Touch, Pixie, KitchenAid and Prodigio.

Woken Coffee is not affiliated with or endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestlé S.A. Woken Coffee is suitable for Nespresso® OriginalLine machines, excluding professional machines and 'built-in' models.

If you have any questions or issues with compatibility, please contact us at

Why is my draw taking a little longer? 
Our natural paper top may lengthen drawing time in some machines. Be patient please. It’s worth the wait for an environmental fix to the waste management problem you’ve not only been living with in the past, but creating.

What if loading a pod is not quite as smooth as what I’m used to? 
Be gentle but firm when loading, and you’ll develop a feel for gently nudging your pods into place. Always make sure spent pods aren’t causing any jams below before you begin. Empty the catch tray often.


How do subscriptions work?
Subscribe to receive monthly delivery of Woken espresso pods sent directly to your doorstep. Monthly delivery means hassle-free, never missing a shot of espresso, and control of your order at any time, with a reminder email sent each time your espresso ships.

Can I put my subscription on pause?
Yes. We certainly don’t want any coffee to waste if you’re still catching up on last month or go away for well-deserved vacation.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course! You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your account and choosing “cancel my subscription.” But we don’t think you will. We believe after you experience our espresso in compostable pods, you’ll be in with us to manage our waste and sip our espresso too—in a long-term committed relationship creating a better future, together.


We’re a growing company and are here to service our customers, learning from them how to improve our product offering and services to meet their espresso needs while also protecting the environment. If you’re experiencing any issues with our espresso products or subscription delivery service, kindly let us know before saying good bye. We count on customer feedback here at Woken, and want to make sure you’re satisfied. Email us at


Where does Woken ship to?
We ship within the continental U.S. excluding Alaska and Hawaii. If you live in Alaska and Hawaii and would like to get Woken, find us on Amazon.

Once I’ve ordered, how many days until delivery?
Orders placed before 1pm EST will ship out the same day. Shipping time is based on your shipping address. Orders will arrive in 2-7 business days depending on your location.

How much is shipping?
Shipping fee is $5 per order.

I haven’t received my order. What now?
Please contact us at so we can figure out the issue and get you your coffee.

What is your return policy?
If you’ve opened your product and found that it’s damaged, email us at with photos as soon as possible. We can either replace the product, refund or credit you on your next order. Your choice.

Unopened, unused product may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of receipt.  A full refund goes back on the card you paid with, minus original shipping charges, or we can issue you a credit on your account. If you joined our trial program, your first full subscription is not refundable if the order has already gone out.


What payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Having payment issues? Contact us at to resolve the issue quickly.