Want to know why our compatible capsule are so special? Check out below :)

Our Eco-Friendly Pod

Oxygen Seal

Seals in freshness, creates less packaging.


Produced exclusively with energy from wind, sun, hydropower biogas. CO2-neutral produced


100% Compostable, BPA, PFAS & Plastic FREE. Ok Compost Certified

Aluminum Free!

Aluminum takes over 150 years to decompose. Woken in 90 days

Renewable Materials

Made from 62% renewable materials

Our Certificates

"Nespresso won't say how many of its pods get recycled.
Transparency is an essential ingredient of sustainability"
~ Guardian
How to compost your pods?
Toss them in your brown box and have them picked up by your city composter.

Comparison of Biodegradability

Woken Capsules About 90 Days
Banana Peel 2 years
Tissue 5 years
Cigarette End 7 years
Tin Can 10-100 years
Aluminum Capsule 150-200 years

100% Compatible with Nespresso, 100% Compostable, 100% Delicious, 100% Guilt Free