Woken is a sustainable-minded company reducing the waste and guilt that comes with single-serve espresso pods.
Our Purpose
We all love our daily espresso drinks, but it’s time for a change. The single-serve garbage crisis won’t stop on its own. Toss out a cup here. A plastic or aluminum espresso pod here. And another. And another. Little things add up and landfills overflow. Plastic and aluminum never go away when we recycle it. Your espresso pods shouldn’t outlive you. That’s where we step in. We have a fix. A compostable pod. It’s a little thing, but little things add up.
Our pods
Woken’s pods are 100% compostable, compatible with home espresso machines and the environment. They are filled with wonderful blends varying in intensity, from South America to India and easy to make, drink, and dispose of. Our Arabic and Robusta beans are roasted and ground lovingly in Italy and sold digitally throughout the continental United States of America. Match your mood to our espresso, drink up, then break it all down.
Try For Yourself
After you've enjoyed your espresso, toss our pods in with your food waste and roughage from your lawn and garden to send to your municipal composting facility. In 90 days, your used pods will biodegrade back into plant and soil. And you’ve managed your own waste. New to composting?
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