Nespresso® Compatible
Original Line, not Vertuo.
100% Home Compostable
All of our pods are 100% home compostable.
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Made In Italy
Roasted and made in Italy.
Compatible With Nespresso Machines
Woken compostable pods work with Nespresso OriginalLine* machines including:
Delonghi C190
Latissima Plus
Latissima Pro
Le Cube
Latissima Touch
*WOKEN Not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso®
Customer Reviews
Based on 702 reviews
New Dark Roast Pack
Richard Meyer

Great coffee, Disposable pods good for the planet

Very frustrating. I never received my coffee and I have not received replacement yet either. I look forward to trying it if it ever arrives!

Dark Roast Best Sellers
Steve Bratman

Much better taste than Nespresso. I have switched.

Lungo pods from Woken

Lungo pods from woken makes a great cup of black coffee. Smooth. I use the long pour option on my Nespresso machine and use the middle temperature setting. A lungo at the middle temperature setting makes a smooth cup of black coffee and is much better than an “Americano” which is usually bitter at the cafés that I have frequented. I despise the beverage called “Americano”. I love Lungos with crema at the top. I also like double shot cappuccinos made “dry” with only a 2oz of the steamed milk and then all of the froth spooned on top and then sprinkled with raw sugar crystals on to of the froth that forms a thin sweet crust on top. Yum.

Light Medium Roast Pack
Rhita Baldwin
Took too long to deliver

I have been waiting two weeks and still no delivery. It is stuck in Memphis. In this world of quick delivery, This will probably keep me from buying again.

Woken Mix 8-Pack
Elaine Hamel

I am thrilled to find a company who has compostable pods and equally as thrilled with the customer service.

Richard Skelton
Morning joe

I love everything about Woken, the coffee is great and the fact it recycles at home

Stanislaus Ting
Good compostability, coffee itself needs some work

Waited until we pulled the compost from 3 months ago to write this review. The capsules completely disintegrated (no visible pieces of bioplastic) in our home compost in about 3 months, so that's excellent. Unfortunately, the coffee itself was rather like drip coffee, and not really comparable to espresso.
Overall, good product, and depending on your coffee tastes, maybe the right one for you, but not currently good enough to convert the majority of espresso drinkers, at least in my opinion.

Katherine Barry

Very good coffee. The pods work wonderfully in my breville machine.

The sellers were great

I wasn’t crazy about the flavor of the coffee but the sellers were quick to respond.

Still waiting on my first order

Righ to rate what you’ve never had…

Good coffee, inconsistent flow

The Arabica coffee suits me fine, but I have trouble with the pods clogging if I do a long draw (which I always do.) Sometimes it slows to a trickle. I'd love tit if the pods behaved more reliably.

Dark Roast Best Sellers
Jean Molinari
I love this Java!!

The coffee tasted great! Btter cream than the Nespresso or the Peets pods.
I am going to switch to Woken for sure, no more recycling bag and trips to the UPS store👍​

Dark Roast Best Sellers
Karen Goldberg

These pods are the best I have tried. I have used Starbucks and Peets but Woke is by far a tastier and better pod. The fact that they can be compost is amazing. Highly recommend.

deb oppenheim

I cannot use it.

Just OK

Not super impressed with the two coffee strengths I’ve tried so far. More like Mr Coffee than Nespresso espresso in intensity.

Light Medium Roast Pack
Linda Milller
I love them but they are falling apart

These seem to not be put together correctly. When I pick one up it falls apart before I can get into machine. I am very familiar with your products and love them but something happened to these guys .

Woken Mix - 6-Pack
Heather C
Didn’t work

I don’t have a Nespresso machine myself and got these as a gift for coworkers for the machine at work and these don’t work - I used the info on Woken’s site to try to figure out if they were compatible but the information was clearly not sufficient as these are incompatible, but per the return policy, I can only return unopened, which means I’ll have a box of useless pods from having tried it in the machine at work. Please put more clear info on the site regarding what it means for a machine to be “original line” vs other lines.

Woken Mix - 6-Pack
Andrea Abad
Missing decaf

What has happened that you no longer have decaf??


I switched to All Deciso because it has a better flavor for a Lungo pour than the Cremoso pods.

Chelle Jeffery
solid coffee choice

I don't like bitter, too bold coffee, but I like it to taste rich and smooth and full, which Lungo does. So happy it's back! Appreciate the compostable pods.

Dark Roast Best Sellers
Ronald Smith
Good Value. Good Coffee. Good Service.

Good Value, Good Coffee. Good Service.

Lara Nuer
Delicious and compostable capsules

Delicious and compostable capsules - great taste and great for the environment.

Lara Nuer
Love this brand, just wish they re-stocked better

I love that their pods are compostable, and I had found the perfect flavor for me (black and white, which I use to make Lattes at home, without the coffee being strong), and the decaf for my husband, but they have been out of stock of both for months now, without a sense of if and when they be able to re-stock. It’s a shame, as I am using another flavor that doesn’t work well for lattes, and had to buy regular aluminum decaf pods somewhere else for months. Otherwise, I highly recommend them. Great flavors and great for the environment.

New Dark Roast Pack
Andrea Abad

Love the dark roast pack, but I am disappointed you are no longer carrying decaf.