Nespresso® Compatible
Original Line, not Vertuo.
Compostable & Biodegradable
All of our pods, our packaging is recyclable.
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Made In Italy
Roasted and made in Italy.
Compatible With Nespresso Machines
Woken compostable pods work with Nespresso OriginalLine* machines including:
Delonghi C190
Latissima Plus
Latissima Pro
Le Cube
Latissima Touch
*WOKEN Not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso®
Customer Reviews
Based on 668 reviews
Hits the spot!

So glad I discovered this delicious brand of coffee! I’ve now been enjoying Woken pods for two years. An extra bonus is that the pods are compostable !

Dark Roast Best Sellers
Cheryl Robinson
Freshness in a pod

I love sipping this coffee in the morning knowing it is fresh and the capsules are compostable. This just makes so much sense. Thank you, Woken!

Woken Mix 8-Pack
Kimberly Kihnke
Delicious and guilt free!

The four flavors I have now tried are unique and delicious Italian roasted plus no guilt for enjoying these convenient pods that work great in my home machine. Thank you!!

Linda Donohue
good purchase

I enjoy this coffee

J Wood
They stand by their products

The pods are delicious and cheaper than the other beabd. More importantly they did a recall of a bad lot and sent a new box. That's commitment to customers Recommend.

Great response!

The coffee tastes great and the pods work perfectly in my nespresso machine. The first batch that arrived had a defect that the company acknowledged immediately and replaced my entire order. Super fast response. I look forward to many cups of espresso and love that the pods will decompose. Thanks Woken!

Jody Winger

Please commit to better quality control, the pods only produce one quarter cup of espresso, so about a small fingernails worth of coffee. I have to use 3 pods to get one cup of espresso.
I’ve been buying Woken for a few years now and this is very disappointing.
I won’t be buying them again because the cost ends up being triple what it should be.

Sam Hart

This company, and specifically this blend, are my favorites.

Decaf is great!

The decaf is smoothe and strong, recommend!

The coffee

The coffee grounds are very loose in the pods .
The packaging could be improved. Plastic zip lock bags maybe? But the coffee is very good.

Elizabeth George

You need to improve the production of the Pods. I am due about 3 boxes from damaged pods. Love the coffee love that they are bio degradable. Fix the problem and send me some free coffee.
Elizabeth George

Very good coffee!!

I'm new to the coffee pod world and I'm so glad that there is a brand that is fully compostable. The first round of coffee wasn't my favorite, but I ordered again and I'm so glad I did. For whatever reason this batch is so much better! I'm very happy and will keep ordering.

Dark Roast Best Sellers
Richard Skelton
Happy camper

Very good coffee, I really like that it’s fully compostable

Woken Mix - 4 Pack
Jon Rogers-Peckham
Good coffee!

The woken pods work great in our original nespresso machine and we love how we can simply empty the entire pod into our compost!

Very good.

This dark roast pack is great for a Nespresso Lungo or for a ristretto or espresso.

Love these!

I work in a building in the woods that has no running water and no good way to clean up. These pods make it possible for me to have delicious espresso without creating a lot of waste! Love them.

Great coffee selection!

I am loving this variety pack of coffees. Each one is delicious. And it's great that the pods are compostable!

Nick Giles
Great, but Broken

This may be an anomaly but 2 of the boxes I received had multiple broken pods in them. The mesh cover had come off. Could have been a fault in the adhesive, or it happened in transit. I lost out on some pods, but this is the first time this has happened, and all other times have been flawless.

Woken Mix - 4 Pack
Steve DeShazo
Damaged in transit

Same as Seth Gordon's experience in April, our most recent Woken order arrived with the pods partially or mostly opened. Most were still usable but we had to throw some away. To be fair, most of our previous Woken orders haven't had this problem. This is only the second time. I think it may be hot temperatures during shipping, or insufficient dunnage/cushioning. I'll still use Woken over Nespresso though because of the compostable nature of the pods.

Dark Roast Pack
Scott Essency
Great coffee

Super convenient and earth friendly. Instead of plastic or aluminum pods going to landfill I put the used pods right in my compost.

As good as Nespresso

Like the compostable capsules. We think it’s a good product. Thanks.

Jennifer Shonkwiler
Glue issue

I love the coffee pods. But multiple times now the seals are broken and i lose quite a bit of the grounds. It gets everywhere on my kitchen. I know withing is compostable, and i love that. But is there anything to be done about this? Cause it kind of sucks. Heading to clean up all the mess.

Woken Mix - 6 Pack
Randall Kennedy
great coffee at a great price

well-made compostable cups and the flavors are supreme. beats nespresso own brand and most knock offs

Easter Bundle
Jennifer Rose
Great deal

We were looking for compostable pods for our Nespresso and found Woken. This was a great introductory offer on delicious sustainable coffee!

Easter Bundle
Ken Presley
Waking up with WOKEN coffee

Great coffee that is reasonably priced! The Mrs. loves that it can be composted for her many projects around the farm, the chickens seem to be a bit more lively, too!