Nespresso® Compatible
Original Line, not Vertuo.
Compostable & Biodegradable
All of our pods, our packaging is recyclable.
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Made In Italy
Roasted and made in Italy.
Compatible With Nespresso Machines
Woken compostable pods work with Nespresso OriginalLine* machines including:
Delonghi C190
Latissima Plus
Latissima Pro
Le Cube
Latissima Touch
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Customer Reviews
Based on 651 reviews
Dark Roast Best Sellers
Anand Mishra
Good coffee, great mission

The Coffee is good. Love that I can compost the pods in my yard waste. My only complaint is that about 10% of the pods were broken upon arrival. Loose coffee grounds were in the boxes.

Woken Mix - 4 Pack
Steve DeShazo
Damaged in transit

Same as Seth Gordon's experience in April, our most recent Woken order arrived with the pods partially or mostly opened. Most were still usable but we had to throw some away. To be fair, most of our previous Woken orders haven't had this problem. This is only the second time. I think it may be hot temperatures during shipping, or insufficient dunnage/cushioning. I'll still use Woken over Nespresso though because of the compostable nature of the pods.

Dark Roast Pack
Scott Essency
Great coffee

Super convenient and earth friendly. Instead of plastic or aluminum pods going to landfill I put the used pods right in my compost.

As good as Nespresso

Like the compostable capsules. We think it’s a good product. Thanks.

Jennifer Shonkwiler
Glue issue

I love the coffee pods. But multiple times now the seals are broken and i lose quite a bit of the grounds. It gets everywhere on my kitchen. I know withing is compostable, and i love that. But is there anything to be done about this? Cause it kind of sucks. Heading to clean up all the mess.

Woken Mix - 6 Pack
Randall Kennedy
great coffee at a great price

well-made compostable cups and the flavors are supreme. beats nespresso own brand and most knock offs

Easter Bundle
Jennifer Rose
Great deal

We were looking for compostable pods for our Nespresso and found Woken. This was a great introductory offer on delicious sustainable coffee!

Easter Bundle
Ken Presley
Waking up with WOKEN coffee

Great coffee that is reasonably priced! The Mrs. loves that it can be composted for her many projects around the farm, the chickens seem to be a bit more lively, too!

Medium/Dark Roast Pack
Fanny Bangoura
great eco friendly alternative

I switched from Nespresso pods, with aluminum and plastic, to Woken for the biodegradable alternative. Taste is great! Love my Woken cappuccino with cardamon, cinnamon , little bit of agave. So good!

Woken Mix - 7 Pack
Seth A Gordon
Great coffee, terrible packaging

My wife loves Woken coffee and we started a subscription to keep it coming. However, this past shipment was just poorly packaged or the pods were poorly manufactured. My wife opened 3 of the 7 boxes and coffee grounds were spilled everywhere - after looking further, almost every pod was open and damaged in some way. The actual box or shipping container wasn't damaged, so we are leaning towards poor quality control or adhesive on the filter. Hopefully Woken can fix this issue, because I'll be forced to stop purchasing pods if they continue to arrive in a unusable state.

We are sorry this happened in transit. We refunded your order, and apologies for the inconvenience. We will work with our shipping department to ensure orders are securely packed.

Jason Kyler-Yano

This is so flavorful and delivers when you want it the most that it should be renamed Decalf Metcalf.

Maren Greene


Woken Mix - 7 Pack
Joyce Flock
Great flavor

The pods work well in my Nespresso and good coffee! Lots of flavor and not weak

Shona Jones
Good coffee, bad recurring order platform

Super annoying that to order more than one type of coffee I have to have different subscriptions.

Delicious but pod size has changed

I like the dark roast pack. The coffee has body and a deep, rich flavor. Unfortunately something’s changed within the last year with the pod size. The pod falls right through the nespresso machine. I have to remove the capsule container, hold the pod in place and then close the top and make the espresso

Woken Mix - 7 Pack
Fanny Bangoura
Great coffee

Great coffee, convenient fast pods, biodegradable

Casey Luker
Taste is so great (and so many other benefits...)

Love these pods so much (the taste is smooth and delicious), and I REALLY appreciate having a non-aluminum option (both for my own body and the environment) for my coffee.

Woken Mix - 6 Pack
Nicole Frangione
Great coffee!

These are great, I get a subscription & they have fully replaced my Nespresso pods!

Dark Roast Pack
Carolyn Parr
Enjoy guilt free pods

Great tasting coffee, I like the dark Roast always have. I top with whip 2% milk with a little pure dark maple syrup. Put in glass espresso cup, & add a sprinkle ceylon cinnamon.


There’s no reason to continue using non-compostable pods. These produce just as good coffee as the old plastic pods but are environmentally friendly!

Woken Mix - 7 Pack
shadia lee

This coffee is my favorite - the flavor is so saturated and smooth, i always have it in stock. my favorite go-to cup regardless of blend (my staple pick is Cremoso but they are all delicious and sometimes im in the mood for a deeper or more dramatic flavor so i always have the multi pack). This coffee never disappoints!

Woken Mix - 7 Pack
Bethany Adair
Nice alternative

I really like the concept of compostable pods. They taste great, only issues I have has is they sometimes get stuck in the nespresso machine and take some work to get loose. I think this is because they get wet and sticky. Also when my shipment came a few pods had broken open but the company replaced them quickly and easily. Will definitely order again!

alain harari

love the vigoroso blends
real strong Italian espresso

Woken Mix - 7 Pack
Betsy bierkan

Love the taste but even more love the compostable feature!!

The capsules leak...

Woken’s capsules definitely seem much more biodegradable than it competitors, but perhaps at a cost, since on my last couple orders I’ve opened boxes to find coffee grinds have leaked out of them, and even on some capsules that haven’t leaked the backing seems tenuous if jostled. I haven’t had this issue with other brands, but as mentioned, I doubt their biodegradable boasting. Not a reason not to buy (the capsules still work, and I don’t think there’s any less flavor) but the things could be better made.