February 05, 2021 2 min read


2020 was a pretty unusual year for all of us and still. One thing kept us going even in the face of so many challenges - coffee! It remained our one true friend, giving us quick energy boosts during those boring Zoom meetings and also warming our soul when the quarantine days got to us (remember Dalgona coffee?).
And with a new year comes completely new coffee trends. If you love steaming hot shots of caffeine, we believe that the following projected 2021 coffee trends will be of interest to you:

 1. Coffee goes international
With people having been cooped up at home for the most part of the pandemic, they turned to the world wide web for new coffee recipes. No wonder millennials drank more than ever before!
Naturally, coffee brands have noted this growing demand for international coffee flavors. Expect more Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule choicesin 2021! We already launched two new blends Cremos and Black & White in January!

 2. Easy-to-make coffee
For millions of people, dabbling household chores and work while working from home did pose to be quite a challenge. Most of them satiated their coffee cravings with Nespresso-compatible capsules and interestingly, grew used to how convenient and user-friendly they are. Because of this, we will see more
coffee capsule machines at homes and workplaces than ever before. Market pundits predict that consumer interest in capsules will only see an upward spike in the coming months.

 3. Environment-friendly coffee alternatives
Over the past few years, some coffee brands kickstarted their journey towards sustainability in a bid to become more environmentally-conscious businesses. Woken Coffeeis one of the few to make waves in the industry with its compostable, Nespresso originalline machine compatible capsules.Not only are their flavorful single-serve espresso pods easy to use, but they also compost  completely within 90 days.

It’s an interesting year for the coffee market and we are all set to see some very fascinating developments as far as coffee drinking behavior is concerned. Stay tuned for more such updates!